Gnarly Dudes Exhibition revisited

The new Gnarly Dudes Exhibition featuring the work of Nic Collins, Charles Bound, Jon Fellows and Chuck Schwartz, will take place at The Barn Pottery, Moretonhampstead on 18th-19th April 2015. Check it out on facebook: Gnarly Dudes Exhibition

Writing about the revisited exhibition, Charles says:

“As I recall, Michael Cardew considered returning to Africa an unexpected gift and opportunity. Another Gnarly Dudes sees of similar prospects, in this case to put together a representation of what has changed for each of us. Certainly ageing, we are more gnarly in appearance, and perhaps skill, knowledge and grace of occasionally a pot or two transcending expectations: worth seeing as if a group retrospective. Its value also it seems to me will be in getting a look at what may have evolved in this small wood-fired ghetto of the pottery world and its problematics with antecedents, references, rights of existence, hubris, etc.”

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